Farmers Market Dinners: Ordering FAQ

Farmers Market Dinners: Ordering FAQ

Q. What is the ordering schedule? 

A. Menus go live on Monday. Order by Wednesday at noon for a Friday pick-up or delivery (based on location) or order by Friday at noon for pick-up or delivery the following Monday. 

Q. Will my food arrive hot?

A. Your Birchtree meal will be transferred from our fridge to yours, either through pick up or delivery. Items are packaged in foil half pans, and your instructions for that week will specify how to handle each item. (Instructions are always available online.) Boxed meals will arrive chilled.

Q. Can I order for just 4 people? 

A. Our Farmers Market Dinners are designed for 8-10 servings.  Cooking in volume allows us to source more sustainably.  If you are ordering for for 2 or 4 individuals, we encourage you to consider freezing portions of the dinner for an easy meal in the future. For smaller serving counts, please consider our crafted Meal Kits. 

Q. Can I pick up a day early or late? Or are the times flexible?

A. For special circumstances we may be able to accommodate your schedule. Please reach out to us at and we'll see what we can do!

Q. Are you using sustainable packaging?

A. Our foil pans are recyclable as long as they're rinsed. Any other specific packaging will be noted in your instructions. As much as we love compostable products, we realize that at-home recycling is more prevalent than composting, and compostable items that land in the regular trash bin are not doing any better for our planet. We are hopeful that waste disposal challenges, known prior to, and those that have come to light during the pandemic, will encourage Philadelphia and other municipalities to consider moving forward with more sustainable options such as city-wide residential composting services.